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Backflow Preventer Installation Orlando, FL

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection(FDEP) regulates the installation and testing of backflow preventer devices.

If you recently received a letter from your water company stating that you need to installation a backflow preventer device, Pro-Tech is licensed and certified for backflow preventer installation in Orlando and Central Florida.

Most water companies require a backflow preventer to be installed within a certain timeframe and provide proof of installation by a certified and licensed plumber. Pro-Tech is on the official list of backflow preventer installers for the state of Florida. 

Our certified backflow installation plumber will install your backflow preventer device according to local codes and provide you with proof that your backflow preventer device passes all required test.

backflow preventer testing

Backflow Testing Orlando, FL

The FDAP requires homes and businesses with backflow preventer to get regular backflow testing from a licensed plumber, certified for backflow testing.

The purpose of a backflow prevention device is to keep contaminated water from backing up into the municipal potable water supply. Under normal conditions, your water is under great amounts of pressure. However, if the pressure is suddenly and dramatically reduced due to a leak in the municipal water supply or an unexpected surge in demand, the reduced water pressure can draw contaminated water into the municipal water supply.

If you received a letter from your water company requesting proof of backflow testing, Pro-Tech is officially certified to provide backflow testing in Orlando and Central Florida.

Failure to comply with backflow testing can lead to your water service being terminated as well as risking contaminating local water supply. Backflow testing may need to be done yearly or bi yearly depending on where you live. Pro-Tech can assist you in ensuring you meet all local Orlando backflow testing requirements.

To schedule backflow testing, give us a call now at (407) 291-1644 or send us a message.

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