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How Does The Reme Halo work?

How does the reme halo work?

As one of Florida's leading installers of the REME HALO, one question that we often get is "How does the REME HALO work?"

The main active chemical that makes the Reme Halo effective is ionized hydrogen peroxide. The Reme Halo uses a process called photohydroionization to turn moisture in the air into hydrogen peroxide.

Photohydroionization™ (PHI), a patented ionized hydroperoxide technology developed by RGF Environmental simulates the natural hydroperoxides in the outdoor air. The technology works on a rare metal catalyst and a hydrating agent activated by a broad spectrum ultraviolet light reacting with ambient moisture in the air creating hydroperoxides. A later PHI development, also by RGF, ionized the hydroperoxides, basically super charging them.

In other words, there are three elements at work in the Reme Halo to product the ionized hydrogen peroxide.

  • A catalytic surface comprised of titanium dioxide, silver, copper and rhodium.
  • Moisture in the air flowing through your air conditioning system.
  • A UV light that interacts with the moisture on the catalytic surface.

These three elements work in tandem to release ionized hydrogen peroxides, which then blow through your air duct into your home or office.

Because the hydrogen peroxide molecules are ionized, they function like a magnet and attach to mold, bacteria, virus', dust, dander, pollen, VOCs and other contaminants in the air. Once attached to these items, they are chemically altered and neutralized. The "magnetic" attraction also causes particulates in the air to increase in size and weight, making it easier for your air filter to remove them.

Is the REME HALO safe?

Yes, the Reme Halo is 100% safe. In fact, the Reme Halo mimics a process that occurs naturally outdoors. The hydroperoxides that are produced by the Reme Halo are below the level that they occur naturally outdoors and much lower than the FDA guidelines. So you can be confident that the Reme Halo is safe for you and your family.

In fact, we have a Reme Halo installed in our office building and many of our team members have a Reme Halo installed in their homes.

If all of this still seems confusing, perhaps the explainer video below will help to demonstrate how the Reme Halo works.

Where Can I purchase A Reme Halo?

The Reme Halo and be purchased and installed by a licensed HVAC contractor. Pro-Tech is a leading installer of the Reme Halo in Florida and would be happy to assist you. The price to purchase a Reme Halo and have it installed by Pro-Tech is between $1200-$1300, with Comfort Club members receiving a $100 discount. Call (407) 291-1644 to schedule your installation.

Although you can purchase a Reme Halo online and attempt to install it yourself, this will void the manufacturer's warranty and put you at risk of purchasing a defective or used item. To ensure the device is installed properly and your warranty remains active, you must purchase the Reme Halo directly from a licensed HVAC contractor.

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