Where is My Water Meter?


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Are you wondering, "where is my water meter?" Finding your water meter can be very helpful, especially if you are trying to find a water leak.

In your typical Florida neighborhood, the water meter is located by the curb or sidewalk in front of your home. Sometimes the water meter can be hard to find if your grass, bushes or plants have grown over the meter.

Sometimes the water meter is in a protective case buried in the ground like in the picture below.

In the example above, the water meters are located near the sidewalk at the property line between two houses. The main water line runs from the water meter to the emergency shutoff valve on the exterior of the house.

If you are having trouble finding your water meter, you should look for the emergency shutoff valve. The emergency shutoff valve is what located on the exterior of your home and is used to turn off all the water inside of your home.

Stand at your emergency shutoff valve and face towards the closet street. Walk to the street. Once you are at the street closest to your emergency shutoff valve, walk a few steps each direction and look for a water meter box like the one pictured above.

If you are trying to find the water meter because you suspect you have a leak, we encourage you to contact Pro-Tech so that we can send one of our trained Orlando plumbers to help solve your problem.

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Schedule a plumbing inspection today and one of our friendly, experienced plumbers will check for leaks, flush your water heater, and help you find your water meter.

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