PEX vs Copper Pipe – which Is Best For Your Orlando Repipe?


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PEX vs copper pipe, which is best? For years copper was the obvious pipe of choice. However, PEX pipe is rapidly becoming the winner for whole house repipes.

At Pro-Tech, we normally recommend PEX pipe for your whole house repipe. And in the rest of this post, we'll give you 3 reasons why we think PEX pipe is better than copper for most repipes and when copper may be better a better option.

PEX is more affordable.

PEX pipe is a more affordable option. You will end up paying 60-70% more to repipe your home with copper pipe. Not only is the material cost of copper more expensive, but the time and difficulty of repiping a home with copper causes the cost to increase.

(Note: Want to know the average cost to repipe house)

PEX is easier to install

One of the great things about PEX pipe is that it is flexible. The flexibility of the pipe makes it easier to install. An easier install means less time. It also means fewer opportunities for leaks as we'll see in the next section.

PEX requires Fewer Parts

Copper pipes must be connected together at each turn. This requires fitting the pipes together multiple times on it's way to it's final destination. Each additional fitting is another opportunity for a leak.

On the other hand, PEX pipe can be run long distances without having to make multiple connections. Fewer connections means less water resistance and few opportunities for leaks.

When You May Want To Choose Copper Over PEX

Although we typically recommend PEX pipe, there may be some reasons to choose copper over PEX.

When Longevity is a primary concern

Copper is the clear winner when it comes to longevity. On average, copper pipe should last 20 years longer than PEX pipes. So if durability is a primary concern, then copper is a good choice. However, PEX pipes can still last up to 50 years under normal circumstances.

When Providing Plumbing Outdoors

PEX can only be used in outdoor applications if is is buried. The UV rays of the sun cause the PEX pipe to deteriorate faster than normal. So if you are running plumbing to an outdoor application that can't be buried, copper is the better choice.

Pro-Tech Can Repipe Your Home with PEX or Copper

The good news is that our plumbers have the ability and experience to repipe your home with PEX or copper. We can even survey your home and help you determine the pros and cons of PEX vs Copper for your specific project.

To request a free repipe estimate call (877) 416-4727 or send us a message.

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