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What Is The Reme Halo?

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The Reme Halo is a cutting edge air purification device that provides unprecedented indoor air purification for your entire home or business from a single device installed in your air conditioning duct.

Unlike "passive" air purifiers that plug into the wall and passively guard a limited space, the Reme Halo provides "active" air purification by sending out an army of ionized hydroperoxides throughout your entire home.

This cleansing army is completely safe to you, but deadly to all the bad little critters hiding in your air. In fact, the Reme Halo effectively destroys 99.9% of bacteria, mold and viruses (including COVID-19), making your home a safe place to breathe again.

But they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so watch the video below to see more about how the Reme Halo works.

Is The Reme Halo Safe?

So if hydroperoxides are so deadly to germs, bacteria and mold, it's natural to question if they are safe for you?

The good news is that hydroperoxides occur naturally and help to cleanse your outdoor air already. Every day you breathe in hydroperoxides and you benefit from their purifying potential.

The Reme Halo simply takes the cleansing power of hydroperoxides and brings them into your home. And the levels of hydroperoxides released in your home will be lower than the levels they occur outdoors naturally and well below the levels considered safe by the FDA.

You may also feel better knowing that hospitals, food processing plants, and military compounds are already using the Reme Halo to keep their patients, products and personnel safe.

The Reme Halo provides 100% safe and effective air purification for your entire home.

How Much Is The Reme Halo?

You can purchase a Reme Halo from Pro-Tech and have it installed by one of our experienced installers for $1387 ($1287 for Comfort Club Members). The installation involves duct modifications, electrical hookup and configuration of the device to match your air conditioning system.

We'll also include a 1-year labor warranty and a 5-year parts warranty, providing you with additional protection and peace of mind.

REME HALO Warning: Please read the manufacturer's warning concerning purchasing the REME HALO from online retailers.

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Ready to provide safe, whole-house air purification with the Reme Halo? Contact Pro-Tech by calling (407) 291-1644 or send us a message using the form below. Your lungs will thank you!

Has the REME HALO been tested for COVID-19?

We are excited to announce that the REME HALO has been proven effective against the coronavirus. A study released in October of 2020 demonstrated an 99.9% efficacy against COVID-19. Learn more about the REME HALO's effectiveness against the Coronavirus.

Is Any Maintenance Required?

We're happy to say there is no regular maintenance that is required. The only upkeep needed is to replace the internal cell after 18,000-25,000 hours of use. We recommend doing this every 2 years.

Another version of the REME HALO includes an LED light rather than a UV light. The REME HALO LED can operate 2x as long before needing to have the internal cell replaced.

Where Can I Order Replacement Cells?

When it's time to replace your REME HALO cell, Pro-Tech can assist you in purchasing and installing a replacement cell for your REME HALO.

Has The REME HALO Been Tested?

Yes, the REME HALO has done extensive testing on the device. Test results can be viewed here. This technology is already approved for use in hospitals, government facilities, military compounds, food processing plants and many other industrial applications. They just announced that the REME HALO has also been found effective against the coronavirus.

Should I purchase A REME HALO online or from an hVAC contractor?

The manufacturer of the REME HALO strictly forbids online retailers from selling the REME HALO online. Purchasing from an online retailer will void the manufacturer warranty and put you at risk of purchasing a "knock off" or defective unit. You will also be required to install the device yourself and risk improper or unsafe installation. Please read their full bulletin here

Instead, you should purchase the REME HALO from an approved HVAC contractor such as Pro-Tech Air Conditioning & Plumbing Service, Inc. You will be protected by our 1 year labor warranty and a 5 year parts warranty from the manufacturer.

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