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What Is A Comfort Specialist?

A Comfort Specialist is an air conditioning expert trained to help you pick an air conditioning system that will make you happy. You may be nervous about having someone in your home, but your Comfort Specialist is a true professional. Your Comfort Specialist won't use pushy sales tactics, but will simply present the best option for you based upon your discussion.

What Should You Expect During Your Appointment?

You can expect your appointment to take 60-90 minutes on average. First, your Comfort Specialist will ask questions about your current air conditioning system and what you'd like in your new system. Next, he'll assess your current system, your ductwork and the layout of your home. Finally, based upon his findings, he'll present you with a customized system based upon your discussion and the configuration of your home. We encourage you to ask lots of questions and share any information you feel is important. We're here to serve and assist you as much as possible.

Meet Our Comfort Specialist

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