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The Cost To Repipe House In Orlando FL

If you have polybutylene pipes in your home, you've had a slab leak, or you've had multiple leaking pipes, then a repipe is probably in your future. Naturally, you're wondering, "How much does it cost to repipe a house?". We'll be answering that question in this post.

Average Cost To Repipe A House

The average cost of a whole house repipe in Orlando is between $3,000 - $8,000.

Keep in mind that this is the average. Depending on the plumbing in your home, your price could be more or less. In the next section we'll talk about aspects that can affect the cost.

Factors That Influence The Cost Of A Repipe

Every repipe, like every house, is different and may include an additional cost depending on the plumbing in your home. Based on our experience, these are some of the things that will increase the cost of your repipe.

The Number Of Drops

In plumbing lingo, a "drop" is a water line that is run to a plumbing fixture or appliance in your house that uses water. A good rule of thumb is that if it needs hot and cold water, then it has 2 drops. If it only needs cold water, then it has one drop. The more drops you have in your home, the more your repipe will cost. See below for the number of drops typical plumbing fixtures and appliances have:

Water Heater2
Washing Machine2

Size of your house and ease of access

Repiping cost for a large house will be more than a smaller house. A larger home will cost more to repipe due to the increased material and labor needed. However, if your home is smaller or you only need a partial repipe, then your repiping cost can be decreased.

Another factor affecting the cost of a repipe is the ease of plumbing access. If your plumbing fixtures are hard to reach and will require more time to complete, then you can expect the cost to increase.

PEX vs Copper Piping

When it is time to repipe your home, you have the option to use PEX pipes or copper pipes. At Pro-Tech we recommend using PEX pipes. PEX pipes are more affordable than copper pipes and have a very long life span. Although copper pipes costs more per linear foot, they also have a longer life span that PEX. Copper pipes are also more difficult to install and will increase your labor cost. If you use copper pipes then you can expect the cost of your repipe to increase by 60-70% over PEX pipes. (Learn more about the pros and cons of PEX vs Copper pipe)

Cost To Pull Permits

Never hire a plumber who is unlicensed, uninsured or fails to pull permits. If the plumber asks you to pull the permits yourself, this is also a red flag. At Pro-Tech we include the costs required for us to pull permits. We are also fully licensed and insured for your protection. Once the job is complete, we will call the inspector to look over the project. This protects you and ensures the job meets all local codes. While you may save money using a less than reputable plumber who fails to pull permits, it will be a costly mistake that can end up hurting you badly later.

Request A Free Repipe Estimate

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